A table made completely out of reinforced concrete with a glossy and smooth tabletop. The hollow tabletop is only two cm thick and it's five cm lower in the center. The cutting-edge technology used to create the Sag Table, is still to be considered innovative. The table top is constructed following a bigger circle that has its center 25 meters above the tabletop. As a result, all the items that are placed on the table will have a slight tilt toward the center. The hollow shape also concentrates the focus on the center of the table, right where the user sits. The Sag table with its reinforced concrete tabletop was part of graduation project of Jesse Visser. The table has won several design prizes and was part of Droog Design's collection shown at the Milan furniture Fair in 2000.

material            concrete

dimension        200x100x76 (lxdxh) 

design              Jesse Visser